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Cherai Beach

This trip was totally unplanned and happened only since my aunt and uncle invited us to join them and their children who had come from abroad. What I loved most was the early morning walk by the seaside with my sister-in-laws. The girly talk and the walk was very refreshing. I managed to continue my walk while in Kerala and since a long walk becomes impossible here, I am climbing stairs! Well, anything is better than a sedentary life style right?

Club Mahindra was formerly Indriya Beach Resort. The resort has been well maintained and the staff is very friendly. I also loved the food. The pool is fiercely maintained by Madhavan :) He ensures you wear the right clothes and there is not even a speck of dirt in it. He also loves to teach swimming. My son automatically became his student and was not spared at all since he never underwent a formal training. Whereas daughter did take a course. If we had spent some more time, I am sure Madhavan would have trained our son very well.

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